Mendez Law Firm | 7 Hidden Benefits of Home Insurance
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7 Hidden Benefits of Home Insurance

7 Hidden Benefits of Home Insurance

You may not realize it but your home insurance coverage offers plenty of benefits aside from covering damages caused by storms. While most homeowners have a basic understanding of the main coverages available to them, there are a few additional protections that can help you during your time of need.

Your Brownsville insurance lawyer at Mendez Law Firm wants to ensure that you are reaping the biggest benefit from your home insurance policy. Below you will find seven hidden benefits that could be part of your homeowners insurance policy.

Benefits You Might Not Be Aware Of

Below you can find a few potential protections that you may not be aware of:

  • Spoiled Food – Food that has spoiled as a result of power outages may potentially be covered. If you suffer outages from major storms, high winds, or floods, you could be covered for the cost it takes you to restock your refrigerator. This could include anywhere from $200-$300 dollars, sometimes up to $500, worth of groceries.
  • Dog Bites – Found under the personal liability section of your policy, this insurance perk can be very helpful if an accident were to take place. With the average cost of hospital bills for a dog bite set at $26,000, this protection can prove to be vital to getting your life back on track. Keep in mind that your policy may exclude certain breeds, especially if the breed is illegal. Before making a claim be sure to educate yourself on breeds that are legal and illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • Car Break-Ins – Any personal items that are stolen from your car as a result of a forced entry may be covered by your home insurance policy. Think of your car as an extension of your house; that means your personal property coverage would cover items like purses, your phone, camera, luggage, and more. However, this does not include anything that is affixed to your car such as a car stereo. So, if you have a habit of leaving your wallet, phone, or jewelry in your car, you may want to ask your insurer if this benefit applies to you.
  • Injury to Your Guest – Your policy may possibly have what is called “goodwill” coverage. This would be listed under the medical payment section of your homeowners policy. If a guest is injured on your property, medical protection within your policy could help cover some medical expenses such as ambulance rides, surgical procedures, x-rays, and overnight-stays in the hospital. This perk does not include people who live in the household or who are already listed in the home insurance policy.
  • Mold Damage – Depending on what caused the mold and what coverage you have with your policy, mold damage might be covered. Incidents that are deemed “sudden and accidental” are the ones that are most likely covered by your home insurance. Non-weather-related water damage is one of the most common claims. Situations such as a water pipe bursting, saturating your wall and causing mold to grow, or water leaking into your attic during a rainstorm and soaking into the wood also creating mold, would make perfect situations to make a mold damage claim. If you don’t know if your insurance covers mold damage, check your policy or call an insurance lawyer like Mendez Law Firm.
  • Gravestone – Tombstones, grave markers, or even urns that may have been damaged or vandalized in any way, could be covered by your home insurance. The policy limit is typically up to $1000 but can vary.
  • Property of Your College Student – If your child is away at college, their personal dorm room possessions are usually covered under a personal property clause within your policy. Although this protection is valid no matter how far away your child’s school is located, your child MUST live in a dorm room, and not off-campus housing.

So, are you taking full advantage of your home insurance? If not, and you’re interested in finding out what is included in your homeowners insurance, contact one of our amazing Brownsville insurance lawyers at Mendez Law Firm.

If you have recent mold damage, a car break-in, gravestone damage, or any of the things listed above, we will take you step-by-step through filing the claim that pertains to you. Contact Mendez Law Firm today at (956) 541-7600 to learn how we can best serve you.